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About Ivana Pavlišová

The very first time we could have come across the name of paintress Ivana Pavlišová was in the year 1993, when she has started to present her work in public. But she has already devoted herself to the visual arts since her early youth. A big deal of influence has come from her uncle Jaroslav Pavliš, the known landscape painter from town of Svitavy. Her gift for painting began to  fully develop when she moved to Vysočina in 1991. There she worked in the art studio of J.Čihák, where her first picturesque landscapes from Vysočina has originated under his guidance.  Eventually, the authoress has built up her own style. The paintings of Ivana are reflections of the distinctive perception of the world, capturing the minute nuances and moods of everyday life, interconnecting two realites with gentle humour and hyperbole. Her poetic oil paintings are characterized by the warm colours and detailed elaboration and are interwoven with an optimism and well-being, as well as reflecting her fragile soul of woman. Their names are the inseparable part of the work, which usually arise already at birth of particular painting, and gives them another dimension. The current work of Ivana Pavlišová is largely influenced by her repeated stay in Cuba, thereby their paintings have acquired the new meanings – a touch of exoticism, spirit of adventure and exploration of the new corners of the world. For several years their paintings has been gracing the film clapperboards of the annual International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which takes place in Zlín. Ivana Pavlišová is exhibiting in galleries across the country and this year we can be looking forward to two planned exhibitions.
Mgr. Jitka Šťávová